Top 10 Reasons on Why Sex Sells

When you walk into a shop, you see an array of magazines stacked up in front and it is quite tough not to notice half dresses women or model on the magazine cover.  People are so used to that now. Have you wondered why?

Human nature- Human nature is driven by animalistic instincts and sexual desires.  While you watch videos on the internet, movies at cinemas or TV programs, everything is flooded with advertisements of perfumes, cars, foods, etc that are being promoted by an attractive and fit model.

Grabs the attention – For instance, in an advertisement, you see an extremely sexy looking lady eating a flavored yogurt. The viewer will try to image being with her or imagine themselves to be like her. And the next time when he or she passes the shop wherein the product is kept for sale; they will feel like picking that product just to have a fell what it is like.

Looking for new experiences- There is even so much craze for sex-toys as people are waiting to try out new things and wants to have a different experience. There are many websites and products like loveplugs which is in demand because of the sexual desire each and everyone has.

Attraction- Even in films, sex is used as a selling tactic even when the script does not demand.  It is no secret that the humans find other human’s appearance fascinating and it motivates them to do many things.

Other reasons are:

  • People want to get away from the boredom of their routine life and these advertisements give them hope
  • Secret desires come true in advertisements
  • Comes along with genetics in human body
  • Tried and trusted theory
  • The desire to be someone else or be in somebody else shoes
  • Easy to relate to
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