Die besten Keyword Strategien für 2018

Keyword optimization, SEO rankings were all the objectives of development of a website a few years ago. Now the requisites for branding and for improvement of the websites have changed. But still, the focus on keyword optimization has not been left behind. Keywords are still relevant when it comes to Google rankings. So for the year 2018 here are some strategies to work on –

Develop keywords based on the target audience

Earlier you had to type in specific words to get specific results. Today the search engines have evolved and become intelligent. The natural language processing capabilities allow people to search in natural language, to type in simple words or even the synonyms and be able to easily find what they are looking for. So if you wish to capture the audience and not miss a single search you should optimize your website page not just for a specific keyword but also its relevant terms.

Accommodate different types of searches

People use Google and other search engines not just on the computer but also on their smartphones and tablets. There are many places where they use voice search and image search as well. Optimizing based on the keywords and the related images and voice searches would be the best way to improve your website ranking.

SERP analysis

Search engine result page is the one where your website should shine in order to improve the chances of new leads to actually visit your website. This page works and optimizes the results list based on keyword optimization. For better visibility in 2018, you should do a thorough analysis of the SERP. https://lynkhero.com/de is a website that can be of great help for those looking for help in website optimization and improvement of the ranking.

Analyze the competition

As the keyword optimization is still a relevant concept it is good to study your competitors. Look for the broad matches and phrase matches besides the exact match of keywords. For local listings and to outshine the big players in your locality focus on geotargeted keywords.…

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